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Need Affordable PPO Dental Insurance?

No Waiting Periods

No waiting periods means that your membership and coverage will be effective on the first day of the following month after membership purchase.

Issues Ages: 18+ for Individual Members and Their Families

The primary member must be a minimum age of 18 and a member of the AFE association. Coverage is available to all eligible family members.

Implants covered under Major Services

Annual Maximum Rollover

After meeting the requirements, the Annual Maximum Rollover lets you roll over up to $300 of your unused benefit dollars from one year to the next and use them once your annual maximum is met. That way, if you need complex services that go over your annual maximum, you can use your Annual Maximum Rollover dollars toward those services instead of paying the entire cost on your own.

Three Membership Levels:

      1. Silver $29.99 for Single Member

      2. Gold   $56.49 for Single Member

      3. Silver Platinum $64.69 for Single Member

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